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a guide to packaging solutions

这Upstream Innovation guide tells how to harness the power of upstream innovation as a root-cause solution to plastic waste.


upstream innovation and downstream innovation

在循环经济亚博足球分析中,upstream innovationis about tracing a problem back to its root cause and tackling it there. It means that rather than working out how to deal with a pile of waste, we prevent it from being created in the first place.

Find out how moving upstream can tackle packaging waste and pollution while generating economic benefits.

Why consider upstream innovation?


重新思考the packaging, product, and business model to prevent anddesign out包装waste

Upstream innovation requires a shift in mindset, beyond focusing on incremental packaging improvements. It is about rethinking how we get products and services to users without creating waste.


上游创新思维能力可用于实现三个关键的循环经济创新策略 -亚博足球分析elimination, reuse, and material circulation.Backed by more than 110 innovationcase examples,我们展示了在实践中的好类似看起来。


有二different approaches to elimination —directand创新的。

这y differ depending on whether an item of packaging serves an essential function or not. Essential functions include necessary protection, containment, convenience, communication and efficiency.


Examples ofelimination

Read more about elimination on第36页在完整的指南中。
four消费者面对模型 - 以及B2B的注释

fourdifferent business-to-consumer (B2C) reuse models. They differ depending on the ownership of the packaging — i.e. whether the packaging is refilled or returned — and where the refill/return occurs.


Examples of重复使用

routes for plastic material circulation

材料s can be circulated through a technical processrecycling或通过生物学过程堆肥(and for some materials,厌氧消化).

Looking at material circulation through the lens of plastic packaging, this means there are three main routes to consider:

(1) choosing a plastic type (e.g. PET) and packaging design that can be circulated through a recycling route.


Examples ofmaterial circulation

Read more about material circulation onp。116在完整的指南中。



Through in-depth interviews and extensive engagement with businesses, we have identified five key ingredients that support a successful upstream innovation process in the corporate setting.

Read how the five key ingredients contributed to four successful innovations onp。 the guide.

Here you will also find additional guidance on making upstream decisions and the role of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) in upstream innovation.

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